Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog, or a paid property spruiker.

Who are you really chatting with, when you post on that property forum or blog? A regular person like yourself, or a paid spruiker, funded by the real estate industry?

That's the question that arose this week, when it was revealed on several major Australian property forums that groups of 'shills' or 'spruikers' may be bankrolled by big business and property groups to paint a false rosy picture of the local real estate market.

You see, dear reader, the property market is in severe difficulty. Stock on the market has gone through the roof while auction clearance rates have fallen through the floor. House prices are falling, rental vacancy rates are rising, incomes are falling (contrary to popular opinion), and Channel Nine's disastrous 'The Block' finale (watched by 3 million viewers) was the final nail in the coffin. The media is awash with articles about the oversupply of property, the dreadful consumer sentiment, and the imminent collapse of the great Australian housing bubble.

What is the property industry to do in the face of this new reality? Why, what else, but attempt to spin their own reality. Demographer Bernard Salt was recorded recently at the Congress 2011 event, conspiring with big business and the real estate propaganda machine to create groups who would plant positive spin messages on the opinion pages of major newspapers, discussion forums, blogs, twitter other social media platforms. Mr Salt advocates that these groups should seek out and counter 'extreme' views. His property industry colleagues at the Congress 2011 event recommended broad PR campaigns aimed at fighting 'negative' sentiment in the real estate market. Watch the video below.

Have they been successful in achieving their goal? Is there more to the bullish comments on blogs, forums and news articles than meets the eye. I believe there is.

It shouldn't surprise anyone to be told that the real estate industry might wish to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt among the general public. We've been hearing their fearful spruik for decades.
'Buy now or miss out forever! House prices always go up! Don't miss the boat! Rent money is dead money! Get on the property ladder! Now is a great time to buy! Double your money in 7 years!
Did you happen to notice recently, how in the comments section of any major property news article, among the majority of balanced and realistic posts, there's always one or two jokers insisting everything is fine and house prices are just about to skyrocket through the roof and into the stratosphere once again. How likely is it that real people could be so stupid, to expect another boom at the peak of the largest real estate bubble this planet has ever known?

Not very likely, is it? More than likely, these people are vested interest spruikers, paid to talk up the market. At least, that's the conclusion on popular real estate discussion forums TalkFinance, and Australian Property Forum.
TalkFinance: Has KPMG Set Up Paid Gangs of Cyber Spruikers?
Australian Property Forum: Property industry groups to counter negative sentiment on websites?
In fact, a few smart investigators from the Australian Property Forum unearthed evidence that several high profile 'property bulls' are in fact 'sockpuppets' controlled by a single identity. It seems that after years of posting, and thousands of posts, the puppetmaster behind these characters slipped up on one occasion while posting on the Credit Crunch Forum.
Credit Crunch: Two 'bulls' post as one.
It begs the question, how many of the prominent property bulls and investors posting on news articles, blogs and forums, are in fact invented characters, controlled by these property industry spruiking gangs? When pushed for the truth, the shill posting on the Credit Crunch forum was eventually forced to admit his use of specialised software for the creation of multiple 'sockpuppets'. This ties in quite nicely with a recent article I read on astroturfing.
George Monbiot: Robot Wars

Online astroturfing is more advanced and more automated than we’d imagined. Every month more evidence piles up, suggesting that online comment threads and forums are being hijacked by people who aren’t what they seem to be. The anonymity of the web gives companies and governments golden opportunities to run astroturf operations: fake grassroots campaigns, which create the impression that large numbers of people are demanding or opposing particular policies. This deception is most likely to occur where the interests of companies or governments come into conflict with the interests of the public.
The article is very enlightening. It seems there definitely exists specialised 'persona management software' that can be used to create all the online facilities a real person would possess: names, email accounts, web pages and social media. It generates what appear to be authentic profiles, making it impossible to discern between these virtual identities and real people. Is it so hard to believe that the property industry is using such software, creating scores of fake personas, complete with technically, culturally and geographically consistent backgrounds, history and supporting details, and randomly selecting IP addresses to hide their tracks? This behaviour does indeed make a mockery of online democracy. Could it be that blogs, forums, and the comments sections of major news articles are disrupted and manipulated by armies of organised 'trolls' and 'sockpuppets' controlled by well funded vested interest groups? And if they are, then what should we do to fight these underhand tactics? One option is to fight fire with fire, as suggested recently on the Bubblepedia forum.
Bubblepedia: Antispruiking
Guys, the bears are starting to win the war on hearts & minds, but every day I see more bullish posts popping-up on forums all over the place. Our enemy is determined to keep the public fooled at any cost. I've got some notes here on tactics for posting on open forums, so check them out and add your own ideas. News and Fairfax are the biggest battlegrounds, with the likes of MVF and DB being very prolific (to compensate for the fact that their arguments are baloney). Please everyone get out there and keep the truth flowing so that these used car salesmen can't snare more innocents. Shepherd the sheeple to green pasture.
The Bubblepedia discussion thread sets out some excellent ideas, everything from posting subtle implications about the reality of the unhealthy property market, to questioning bullish articles, to posting personal anecdotes, and even to impersonating and ridiculing normally bullish commentators. But is this the right way to address the issues? Should we really stoop to the depraved levels exhibited by the real estate propaganda machine? Is there a better way?

Readers, I'd like to hear your views, but before I go, I'll leave you with one more example of the dishonesty displayed by the Australian property industry. I call this 'The Eternal FHB'. One couple, who are now featuring in their third (at least) mainstream media 'First' HomeBuyer informercial.
Bubblepedia: News Ltd. Recycling First Home Buyers
APF: Real Estate Industry Spruik of the Day. Nishant & Anu Singla: The constant first home buyers

Does this couple even exist? I doubt it. Even if they exist, can they really still claim to be FHBs a year after buying? In the bizarre world of the real estate propaganda machine, anything's possible!

Over to you, readers.


John Galt said...

Solid post mate, with a nice compilation of sources all pointing to the common denominator in the debtor class war. Whilst there's an element of paranoia in this line of thinking (which in itself will form the basis of much rebuttle) the bottom line is that the entire ponzi scam relies extremely heavily on PROPAGANDA and that's the core axiom at stake here. Truth is simply not in the equation when you're discussing speculative investment. Even when you point out the historical facts and lay out the meaning of a Ponzi on the table, it's inevitably refuted.

Like solicitors in court, you don't ever need to prove your case - you simply need to provide reasonable doubt and the gray area battleground of this propaganda war has been rife with this sort of behaviour now for more than a decade.

Fact is, even if we implant the seed of doubt with the common reader, they're still largely naive and will take the bait (so to speak) from this machine until it's no longer reasonable to do so. But by that time, those who sought to undermine fact with fiction will be long gone, probably shifting investment classes and starting the propaganda machine all over again (don't worry about housing... X is the new best investment! Get in now!)

It's all lies. Lies incorporated by the unscrupulous in order to fleece an unsuspecting public major and skim profits for next to no effort.

This is the modern 'business' paradigm where integrity of industry has no meaning, it's all about fleecing the suckers for as much as you can in as short a time period as possible.

This core paradigm is the basis for modern market instability and unpredictability. We have fashioned a modern casino environment and rather than lambast it for what it is, the foolish sheeple are all clambering over each other to line up and spin the wheel.

I highly doubt the common investor even understands 10% of what the entire market entails or the reasoning behind it, but this is where it's at and where we can expect things to head in future years.

My personal ideal is to get the hell out of the markets, keep your wealth in tangible assets with intrinsic (fair) value and let the free market eventually over whelm and self regulate the impending disasters that are yet to come.

Above all... Stay AWAY from debt!

Cameron Murray said...

+1 In the video Bernard sounds like a raving loony. Do people really listen to this guy?

He is the Joseph Goebbels of the property industry. Luckily the battle for 'the hearts and minds' is not enough to stop financial reality.

I hope he doesn't end up creating a Streisand effect and inadvertently highlight the views of those nasty bloggers rather than 'balance' them (although he really wan't to say destroy them).

Do you mind if I cross post this at my blog?

Tony Harris said...

John, that was an excellent comment. Do you have your own blog? You're a good writer.

Cameron, I'd be delighted if you cross posted this at your blog. I'm a big fan of your blog as it happens!

Thanks for the comments fellas!

Bullion Baron said...

Why is it ok for property bears to mislead, but not the bulls? Both should be frowned upon.

These wars on public comments sections have been going on far longer than this recent commentary.

Anonymous said...

I think that the vested interest spruiking is always obvious on the blogs and as time rolls on the property positive comments appear more and more ridiculous. Unfortunately it only takes one good con artist to sucker an innocent and that is my concern. Young people have an opportunity to wait and make a sensible entry to property or buy now and be ruined for 7 years. It must be bad at the moment, even industry sponsored reporting, RPData and the like, are showing price falls, but nowhere near the full drops.

Anonymous said...

There's a Facebook petition against negative gearing


It's time something is done about it!

Anonymous said...

Lads just look at my country Ireland and the state we are in...high house prices will ruin your country trust me..but they cannot lie anymore here even though they try too on tv and in the media all the time...the people have had enough and the property market has crashed beyond repair for another 20 years imo. FIGHT THE POWER!

Anonymous said...

So when will the next story on this blog be arriving?

Anonymous said...

Another different here blog...


Anonymous said...

Just come over for a look from TalkFinance. Great post. I think you cover the issues well.

I think we need to remember that certain people have CONTROLLED the information relating to housing for a very very long time. They have also benefited greatly from this control and they are loath to let this power go. They will use whatever tactic possible to hold on and attempt to discredit those with opposing views. Because at the end of the day they want us all in debt.

To do this they are trying very hard to win the information war. Mr Salt appears to be Chief Minister for Propaganda.

Anonymous said...

So it's been nearly 3 months, do we get another blog entry?

Deo said...

Now I know why Bernard Salt is so supportive of Big Australian policy and keen on more relax immigration intakes to Australia. I thought he was just demographic consultant, but this link provides his link to RE industry.

Anonymous said...

Interest rates are down, population is growing and our cities are bursting at the seams. Buy now or miss out forever!

P.S. Just kidding. I'm not being paid to post this by anyone and I can see the bubble deflating as clear as day from where I'm sitting.

This whole sockpuppet thing is a bit disappointing, but are we really surprised?

Anyway, happy renting, enjoying life AND saving! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, looking forward to some new material.

Anonymous said...

How about another article now the property market has finished crashing?

Anonymous said...

Hello Tony

Great post.

There are blogs out there with authors who try to present deep and broad insights in an objective manner. Blogs that present a counter argument and expose real estate spruikers and scammers.

Check out this blog http://www.australian-real-estate.net.au/investing

Search for spruikers or scams

You will find some of the following posts that may be of interest

RP Data make misleading claim that Australian housing affordability is back to 2003 levels http://www.australian-real-estate.net.au/investing/2011/11/30/rp-data-make-misleading-claim-that-australian-housing-affordability-is-back-to-2003-levels/

BIS Shrapnel Spruiking the Perth market again Predicting Strong Growth http://www.australian-real-estate.net.au/investing/2011/09/11/bis-shrapnel-and-gavin-hegney-spruiking-the-perth-market-again-predicting-strong-growth-in-2012-2014/

Is ‘Property Observer’ website truly independent or funded by mortgage broker with vested interests? http://www.australian-real-estate.net.au/investing/2011/06/13/is-property-observer-website-truly-independant-or-funded-by-mortgage-broker-with-vested-interests/

Property market eyes solid growth states john mcgrath do you ever get tired and cynical about the blatant spruiking

Perth: the next hotspot in Australia don’t miss out. Gavin Hegney spruking the market again. http://www.australian-real-estate.net.au/investing/2011/04/13/perth-the-next-hotspot-in-australia-dont-miss-out/

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Anonymous said...

The actual newspapers can be questioned.

Look at


- cum -


For each,
advertising spend$ from the real estate industry causes conflict of interest one can say on proper impartial (oxymoron) journalistic news...

Look at their 'comments' under
their articles.

If you just post one comment a day to ech articles that reflects current affairs,
at say 4-5pm or when
first posted you have possibly left a first impression on masses
not to be duped...

If you don't people will suffer in untold debt and misery.

Anonymous said...

Here is how the media promote vested interests.

In here, it's for the HIA.


Is there a body who regulates journalism that promotes such or involves itself in conflict of interest claims ?

It should not continue.

Anonymous said...

In the UK the joining Press Complaints Commission Code is voluntary for newspapers.

The Daily Express owned by Richard Desmond (Badger properties) have pulled out of the code.

Here is a sample of their headlines about house prices:

Lots of those articles are written by "journalist" Sarah O'Grady whose husband is Tory MP Stewart Jackson.


Anonymous said...

Bernard Salt and others biased like him are dangerous to the economy.

We should be promoting sustainable manufacturing and/or export industries in our country. See this foriegn correspondent report about the sensible hardworking bavarians.

Mich9 said...

google knows it :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony - any more articles to come, or have you run out of steam?

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Carlisle Dekerlegand said...

From a talk by John Hayson, he really acknowledged the fact that sometimes, media can interfere with what's really going on in the real estate market. I guess the way to go is extended research and comprehensive background-check to make sure you get your dream home.

Anonymous said...

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